Offering services including Botox, Dysport and HA Filler injectables. Let us help you put your BEST face forward.

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Our provider, Erin Brophy, MS, APRN, FNP-C, brings 15+ years of experience as a board certified nurse practitioner. She is dedicated to health and wellness and greatly enjoys assisting each client to look and feel their very best. Ms. Brophy strives to provide excellent, individually tailored and natural looking results.

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Botox offered at $11 per unit

Option Two

Dysport offered at $3.33 per unit 

Option Three

HA Fillers starting at $500 per 1 ml syringe 

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Botox and Dysport both act to relax small facial muscles which prevent or reduce facial lines. The effects of these neuromodulators last 3-4 months. HA Fillers replace volume, correct asymmetry and “fill” facial folds or lines. The results from these products last from 6-24 months depending on the type of product and area treated.